High Ropes

Our High ropes course is a set of different elements which are accessed independently – each one is detailed below. For each group all participants will be occupied as we encourage all to be involved. Leadership, communication, challenge by choice, & collaborative working are just some of the potential benefits of the high ropes course activities. We are happy to discuss the suitability of each element to match your needs.

1. Crate Stack

crate stacking

The challenge is to build a tower of crates while climbing as high as possible with. Get your group as high as they can by collaboratively working as a whole team through organised stacking, climbing & rope work. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

2. Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

The challenge is to climb a gigantic ladder as high as you can while secured to a rope. The rungs get further apart the higher you go and collaborative work is therefore encouraged for success. Suitable for ages 11 and up.

3. All Aboard

Up to 4 people climb a very wobbly telegraph pole and scramble onto a platform big enough for 2. Once achieved several descent methods can be discussed. An activity that will challenge all participants both mentally and physically. Suitable for ages over 11 and up.

4. Trapeze


Once you’ve climbed the wobbly telegraph pole and mastered standing on the small platform, prepare yourself for a ‘leap of faith’ towards the trapeze bar which swings high above the ground. Not to worry if you miss it; each person is attached to a rope. An activity that challenges both physically and mentally. Suitable for ages over 10 and up

5. Balance Beams


Picture two telegraph poles set horizontally one at 6 metres above the ground the second at 10 metres. Work your way from one to the other staying focused and of course in balance. Collaborative working is encouraged via support, guidance whilst individuals overcome personal anxieties! Suitable for ages 8 and up.

6. Outdoor Climbing Wall


We have a 4 story high climbing wall suitable for progressive sessions or a spectacular challenge that can include abseiling from the platform on top. A head for heights or determination required! Suitable for ages 8 and up.