How to Book

This is a dedicated guide for groups starting the booking process to help you plan your visit. For individuals interested in pre arranged courses, events or clubs just contact us for details quoting your area of interest.

Key Details for Group Bookings:

Early booking: Bookings should be no less than 3 weeks in advance. Although we make every effort to fit our clients in, unfortunately it may not be possible so early booking is advised.

Consent forms: All participants need to have a signed consent form submitted to us pre-visit.

-We operate a strict maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 participants on all activities

-Participants must be aged 8 or over.

  Step 1 You contact us -Tell us your name, phone number, and contact postal & email address-Group name, number of participants & their ages-Your choice of activities or learning objectives- Brief overview of any additional needs, including physical / mental impairments, learning difficulties or behavioural issues     -Our risk/benefit matrix on our website may help you choose activities based on your requirements. Click here to open. (opens PDF, 107kb)
  Step 2 We confirm your booking-We make arrangements & email you the documentation. You have 7 days to review your booking where you may change or cancel at no charge, unless you book within 3 weeks of your session date where cancellation carries a fee.  During peak periods (May-July) this takes longer than usual, but we aim to send out bookings inside 5 days.
  Step 3 You return the following: -A medical / consent form per participant, a group register, and payment. You’re all set for a great day out!

To start the process, you can complete and email us an enquiry form found here (opens RTF, 800kb)

Booking FAQ’s

Why are there so many questions before the visit?

Adventurous activities require comprehensive planning to make sure that the people taking part have a great experience while at the same time stay as safe as possible. To help us do this, we need certain pieces of information about the group and individuals before arrival. For example, knowing that there will be a participant with a specific disability may allow us to make special arrangements for use of adaptive activity equipment, or suggest suitable alternatives without delaying your visit.

Can my group bring their consent forms in on the day of the session instead?

As a last resort you can, however activity time will be lost checking those forms for pertinent details. We ask for them to be returned to us early not just to save time on the day, but to ensure that participants (or, if under 18, their parents) recognise that adventurous activities have an inherent risk of personal injury and that they take the time to disclose medical conditions which may determine if they can safely participate or not. These conversations are best had before the day to avoid disappointment.

Do you take card payment?

We do, and can accept payment in person at our office or over the phone.